Sunday, August 19, 2007

I freaked out!

One of my worst fears happened Saturday night. We went shopping at JCPenney for the tax free "extravaganza" and I lost my purse. And I FREAKED out. As soon as I realized my purse was not in my possession I called my bank to cancel my cards. Becky was doing her best to calm me down but I was so scared. I was getting ready to plant my butt at the doors and assault the person who had my purse. Seriously, I was. I know, that probably isn't the best course of action...

Long story short, an employee found my purse and turned it in. My purse was gone for a total of about 3 minutes--it felt like forever--but I got everything back safe and sound. The worst part of the ordeal was calling John and telling him how careless I had been. He was pretty great about it though.