Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ava's Favorite Things

I asked Ava to show me her favorite things in the house. Amazingly enough, her favorite things were all over the house, which suprised me. Here is what she came up with.

First she said she loves all her clothes. She can't live without those. And also her shoes, mainly her pick shoes and flip flops. This is only about a quarter of the shoes she has, but the idea was to get the pink shoes in the picture.

Next came all of her stuffed animals. If you ever think your kid has the most stuffed animals, come to my house. I think WE have the most stuffed animals, and for some reason, people keep buying them for her.

And of course we can't forget hippo! Silly Momma!

Next was where she keeps all her money!

And her very own junk drawer. This drawer is off limits to mom and dad. She is allowed to keep anything she wants in this drawer with the exception of food and live pets. She let me glimpse inside, and I can tell you her drawer contains all of her cds, some hotwheels cars, stupid party gift bag crap that I WANT TO THROW AWAY, and misc items that go to her kitchen.

We left her room and went to her bathroom. What could she possibly not live without in the bathroom you ask? These Avon bath paints are the best little invention ever. They are roll on soaps, and she LOVES them. And they are cheap!!

Soft soap? OK...
And her make up kit...the one thing I about killed my mom for. BUT, since my mom also introduced us to the Avon roll on paint, I let her slide. :)

Off to the office where she points out the digital arts studio. It's pretty cool and lets her have computer time.

In the living room she shows me her book of DVDs. Now obviously some of the dvds belong to us; we don't let her watch Supersize Me!!

In the kitchen she points out her massive jar of Smarties. She gets one treat every day after school. She also wanted me to photograph the gummy bears and marshmellows that are her snacks on the weekends, but that would have made me publish the clutterness that is my pantry right now.

And finally, she brought me to the front door, where I had my outside flip flops. She loves putting these on and hiding when she knows I'm about to go outside and get the mail. One day I spent 15 minutes looking for these shoes and couldn't find them anywhere. Why I looked 15 minutes I don't know, but later I realized Ava had them on while she was playing in the backyard. She told me she didn't have special outside only shoes. I think that was just her ploy to get some new flip flops.

Now she wants me to do a list of my favorite things. Hmm...we'll see about that.