Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A milestone!

Ava has been using the potty for a little over a week. She only had one accident this whole week and that was while she was sleeping. She was really upset that she wet the bed. She gets really excited when she "poopy in the potty" and calls everyone in the house to come see. She also gets a kick out of flushing and telling the poopy bye bye! I am so happy to be out of diapers. We told Ava she could not participate in Stretch and Grow or dance classes until she was completely potty trained, and now all she talks about is Stretch and Grow. I guess we will enroll her for the fall semester.

We are still working on her colors. We struggle with that. She knows all her shapes, she counts to twenty, she knows her left and right, she even knows how to get home from school...momma go straight, turn here...this street....AVA's HOUSE!! But colors, we aren't quite there yet.

Ava's newest topic is her birthday. Ever since Ava attended her friend Gabriela's birthday party, she thinks her party is next. I keep explaining she has already had her party this year--"remember your party at the beach Ava?"--she is still not satisfied. I have been reluctant to have a birthday party for her with all her friends in attendance because I don't want a bunch of toys that won't get played with cluttering my house. We have settled on having just family for the parties, with presents that she needs, like clothes, bows, and books. I have a feeling her 4 year party will involve lots of kids, a big cake, a table decorated with the Backyardigans, and presents that she will play with one time and forget about. Whatever makes the princess happy.

Speaking of princess--Ava has decided all she wants to wear is her princess dress. I bought this Barbie princess dress only because she was having a tea party at school and the girls had to wear princess dresses and the boys had to wear a tie. I figured she would only get 2 wearings out of the thing--the tea party and Halloween, of course. I don't think the dress will hold up til Halloween. She wears it all weekend long, after school on the weekdays; she would wear the thing to bed if I let her. I never doubted my child was a girly girl, but I think she has taken this princess act to a whole new level.

Another thing I am trying to figure out is this: Why in the WORLD does she think the boss is NANA?? I just can't imagine where that came from...

At some point I will post pictures. Until then, you can see all of Ava at my myspace account.