Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yesterday when I got off work and picked the kid up I decided to go to Target for a little fun momma/daughter time while we waited for John to get home from OKC. We browsed aisle after aisle of Target heaven, looking at all the stuff we so DO NOT need. We started over in the book section because I want a really good LOW CALORIE cookbook (any suggestions out there?) and made our way over to the Wii games. We continued on our way through our way quite quickly to their "world bazaar" home items that just set and is now already on clearance. Ok, so whatever..we keep walking through the aisles when Ava yells "STOP!!! MOMMA STOP!!" I'm thinking she lost a shoe or something for her to be THAT dramatic. Nope. Wrong. What was it that caused such a commotion? Yep, Hannah Montana. This time: a fleece blanket. Well, actually, the whole darned bedding ensemble. I'm like forget it. No way. I have spent a small fortune redoing her room to look so cute. I told her no, watched her pout, and then finally pursuaded her to get a pair of hot pink glitter "princess" slide on shoes (but pitched to the 4 year old as HANNAH MONTANA shoes)to use "on stage" during her "concerts". SOLD!! I couldn't get out of Target fast enough. I knew John was going to just shake his head when he saw another pair of those glitter shoes in the house. But I knew he would be ok when he found out I "gave in" over a 14.99 pair of shoes instead of a 39.99 Hannah Montana blanket.

Well, just so you know: I got played. All I heard about today was how much she needs the blanket cause Emma has a Hannah Montana blanket. And how much she needs the blanket because her room is cold at night and she is coughing because she gets so cold. (She has a down comforter and a nice Serasoft blanket on her bed.) ALL DAY I HEARD ABOUT THIS DARN BLANKET. ALL DAY I SAY.

Anyways, we went to WalMart tonight for some groceries. Me and the kid. I wait until 9pm when I know no one will be there and I can get in and out. I walk down the aisle to the much needed DT Dr Peppers when she does it again. MOMMA!!! STOP!!! What? I look over to see a lifesize Hannah Montana cardboard diplay unit that is on the main drive aisle of the girls clothing pad. On it: Hannah Montana blankets. Oh dear God. Did I do this as a child?

Price for the Hannah Montana fleece blanket at WalMart: 16.00
Price I would have paid to have a picture of John's face when we walked into the house with the Hannah Montana blanket: well, that was priceless.

Damn Disney.

Turnaround time

I applied for passports for myself and Ava on January 13. I received my passport on January 23. I would like to thank the US Government for being on top of their game. Since I didn't get the passport application complete until mid afternoon on the 13th, the process probably didn't begin until the 14th. So, by my calculations, there were only 8 business days from start to finish. That has to be a record right?? It HAS to be a government reccord.

I have to send out my kuddos when to the government for being fast, friendly, and efficient.

(There IS a GOD!!)
I love lazy Saturdays. Days when nothing is planned (except for returning the rental car), naps are essential, and the cozy fireplace warms the chill air.

I love lazy Saturdays. I love turning the phones off, playing a few games with the
big kid and the little kid, and stealing hershey kisses out of the candy jar.

I love lazy Saturdays. Sausage and eggs for breakfast, movies in the mailbox (Netflix) are great in the afternoon, and a fun recipe to follow for dinner.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My E-Reader

The best thing about my new e-reader is how easy it is to read while I am on the eleptical. I was on the machine for 45 minutes and didn't even realize the minutes had passed. My mind was all caught up in my last book, The Reader, and I didn't notice the throbbing in my calves until I stepped off the machine.

I knew requesting this little piece of electronic heaven would be good for me!

A few pics from the past week.

On this night she gave a huge "LIVE" Hannah Montana performance and wiped herself out. She was dancing and singing and shaking her cute...then she laid on the ottoman and sang herself to sleep. Look closely, she is still holding the microphone. My little rock star!!

The next day she decided to pretend to be Hannah Montana (at school) and wear obnoxious tights. These are her Miley tights that she said she HAD TO HAVE or else she would be SUPER SAD. I'm not really for sure if this follows dress code or not. I'm guessing it's ok since I didn't get any disapproving looks.

And finally, Ava as a little 4 year old girl not pretending to be a super star. She got this dress from Grandma Wahl at Christmas. We have to make sure we take pictures in her dresses because she has so many clothes she typically wears her dresses once or twice before moving on to the next season. Somebody is going to score BIG TIME when I decide to get rid of her clothes.