Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things I can control.

I can control most things. Things like what Ava eats, drinks, watches on tv. I control who she interacts with, what books she reads, when she goes to bed.

Last night I realized she controls one thing: her body. And let me tell you, she CONTROLS it!

Last night I noticed her shaking her leg, which if you know me at all, drives me INSANE. (This hatred for all leg shakers started with my mom...she shakes her legs all day every day. I can feel her shaking her leg now..and she is an hour and a half away. UGHHHHHHH. And then I married a leg shaker. The house is shaking. KILL ME NOW!!!)

Ava wouldn't stop shaking her legs. Then I noticed the "dance." I told her to go to the bathroom. She refused. So I literally DRAGGED her to the bathroom, and MADE her sit on the toilet. So far, I'm still in control. She is on the toilet, but refusing to go. I can tell she needs to go, so "GO!!!" (This is me starting to lose control of my temper, which I tend to do with leg/body shakers.) "JUST GO ALREADY."

Then the mood changes. Something is terribly wrong. She has the most terrified look in her eyes. Not a look of fear of me, because I have lost control of my temper. She, unfortunately, is used to my own personal lack of self control. (That's not a proud blogging moment right there.) She is terrified of peeing. She starts crying uncontrollably, begging to get off the toilet. I ask what is wrong. She won't tell me. She calls for her daddy. Daddy comes in the bathroom too.

I'm totally lost. What's the problem? I'm losing all control...

John tells her to use the bathroom. Screaming ensues. A few hours later, after an emergency call to the pediatrician, a couple of baths, a TON OF BRIBES, and finally a rush to go to the emergency room, she pees.

Long story short, I believe she has a urinary tract infection. 48 hours will tell. The doctor thinks it is because of bubble baths. I think it is because I let her have soda. She is now enjoying the distastefullness that is cranberry juice.

I am also enjoying the distastefullness that is cranberry juice. Mine is on ice with a splash of vodka. This is how I regain control.

(No, I am not an alcoholic. I very rarely drink. So quit judging me.)