Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nana and Peeps Peeps

Your presence is requested to come to our house and play Cowboys and Ghosts (??) with the kid.

Peeps Peeps is supposed to bring along a pink princess gun (??) to protect Ava from the COWBOYS.

She is not worried about the ghosts, only the COWBOYS.

This may have something to do with the childish actions her father displayed during the last NFL game in which a certain Dallas team got, well, you know....

The kid!

Ava told me today she wants to move to a new house with a new family that only eats bread and jelly for dinner.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A few things.

Just some things.
Here's a few things that have irritated me over the last couple of months.

1. I really think it is RUDE when I leave a message (not in the comment section, but a personal message) to someone, in the form of either asking a question or complimenting on an event in their life, and my message goes without a response. I mean really..I have a pretty hectic life, as we ALL do, but when I take the time to directly acknowledge you, common courtesy is to do the same. A couple of people on my "friends" list continue to live the high and mighty life they did years ago. Get a grip. I hope you aren't teaching your children to have the same hateful attitudes.

2. I hate that I some of my "friends" are notorious for not returning phone calls. I return phone calls within 24 hours. You know I do. A couple of "friends" had to be deleted from my phone this weekend because I was REALLY hurt over the lack of interest shown towards my own personal life issues that they know about. They know because I left them messages telling them about what was going on. AND, of course, they never returned the calls. But, I promise, when they read this they will call. I won't answer.

3. I hate that certain businesses do not recognize my loyalty to their "brand". They will no doubt question my actions (and theirs) when they realize I have left them.

Here are a few things that have simply AMAZED me over the last couple of weeks.

1. Long time vendor friends, past employers, and customers of my current store location and other store locations I have officed from have called offering incredible support, job connections and a few have even sent words of wisdom in the form of letters and cards to my home.

2. My wonderful liquidator who is working with me to close the store called me this morning to tell me that I have one of the best store teams she has seen in her 17 years of liquidating. You see, I was on vacation for the last 12 days and today was my first encounter with the liquidator. She said that my team worked so well with me gone...and that was an incredible reflection on me as their manager. She said she couldn't wait to meet me...that was pretty incredible. I don't deserve those kind words, but I will take them.

My image was no doubt tarnished when I told her I had marked out a wine refrigerator at her expense and had wine chilling in the office to get me through the afternoon!!!

I was joking...

3. Ava has a little friend at school who was put in a different class this past August. I dropped Ava off at school one day last week and when I left I noticed that this little girl was crying hysterically..I was like ohhh so sad....Miss Kendra had to take the little girl from her mom so the mom could leave. When we got outside of the classroom the mom told me that her child was crying because they saw Ava and I walking to her classroom and Hannah called out to Ava but we didn't hear, and Hannah misses Ava so much. The mom was practically in tears, which of course had me crying too, and she was saying Hannah comes home every day saying she misses playing with Ava. Now I make sure Ava tells Hannah hi in the morning and bye in the afternoon. This makes me SO PROUD of Ava.

Melissa, if you read this, you should put Hannah in Ava's class. But don't put Ava in Hannah's class.... :)