Thursday, February 28, 2008

Moments like this.

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day off. Being with Loss Prevention all week at work has left my muscles tight, my head swimming, and frankly, I'm a little agitated. My husband thought it would be a great day to have Ava at home so we could play. I wasn't in the mood to play. I was in the mood to sleep off the rest of this flu bug and watch some Oprah on Tivo. Instead I watched ALOT of the Smurfs. I colored ALOT. I played ALOT.

John took us out for lunch. We went to OTB. When we got our food Ava bowed her head and said her prayer.

Thank you for the food we eat,Thank you God for Everything.


The waitress stood there in shock. I should have felt like the best parent in the world, but I know that I didn't teach her the prayer. Primrose did. Still, I was so proud of my child.

At bedtime Ava and I read her Backyardigans book. We played airplane and turned her music on. When it was time to say prayers she told me to listen. I listened. She recited the Pledge of Allegience. Hand over heart. With tears in my eyes I asked her to say it again. She did. Again, I didn't teach this to my child. I didn't even know she said the Pledge of Allegience at school already. It was another proud moment.

I am so glad Ava stayed home with me today.