Friday, January 9, 2009

Another here goes.

I have been tagged about 6 times with this, so here is my list of 16 things about me (that you might not already know but I am sure you do).

1. I drink Dt Dr Pepper every morning by 7am.
2. I am extremely anal about my house--it must be clean--minus my bathhroom. I need the maid just for my bathroom.
3. I love Coach purses. I love them so much I have bought both my mom and my sister purses to feed my obsession. I don't think they GET it.
4. I call 3 people every (work) day at 5pm. John, Becky and Susan. In that order. Usually Becky doesnt answer on the first try, so this year it might go John, Susan, Becky.
5. I always have my phone on me but seldom answer it. If you really want to talk to me and want me to answer, the secret is to text me and tell me your fixing to call. Then I will answer.
6. I LOVE MY WII!! Best Mother's Day gift EVER!!
7. My all time favorite show is Friends, but the show that gives me pure happiness is The Office.
8. I "get" my sister in law. Bethany, that is. I totally get her and I love her!
9. I used to love El Chico's but one bad experience has ruined it for a lifetime. Just the thought of that place makes me want to throw up.
10. My favorite cousin is Katie Berend. She is the funniest person I know.
11. I LOVE Sam's Carrot Cake. YUMMY!!
12. I regret not taking the time to get to know some past work people.
13. I have a crush on the Under Armour mannequin at Dicks Sporting Goods. He is HOT.
14. I get disciplined daily by Ava because I leave a trail of lights on and that really bothers her.
15. I love my dad's pig raising/pig butchering/pig seasoning skills.
16. I have a very hard time forgiving people who have spoken ill of anyone in my immediate family. Let me clarify that: I won't forgive and I won't forget. And I don't care if you want to pass judgement because of that.

My late Christmas post.

We had one of the best Christmas holidays to date. We were able to go home and see almost every family member I have. I missed a few cousins, but overall, I think we all had a great few days back in Windthorst/Wichita Falls.

On Christmas Eve we went to Mass in Windthorst, then headed to WF for my mom's family Christmas. I did not have my camara available there, but John and I both made out extremely successful in the Chinese Christmas gift exchange. Of course it took some tag teams efforts to get the gifts we wanted, but our strategy worked just fine!! Christmas with Sandra, Nancy, and the rest of my mom's family was the most enjoyable get together yet. Ava had LOTS of fun playing with Taylor and the rest of her cousins. Hopefully we can get those kids together more often.

After we left Sandra's house we went to the MIL's house to spend the night. Carolyn always has her refrigerator stocked full of all our favorite treats, so of course John and Ava went to town on all the food. Ava loves going to Grandma Wahl's house because she has a PIANO that is REAL!! Christmas morning we opened presents with Carolyn. Ava's big gift:

That's right...Barbie is homeless thanks to my mother in law. She went right on QVC and bought the thing out from under poor ole barbie. This thing is HUGE. That's all I will say about that!

Some of Ava's favorite cartoons.

After the Wahl Christmas we headed to Windthorst for my Grandma Berend's party. As usual I was told to sit in the dining room and eat, which I avoid like the plague. As a kid my cousins and I always tried to rush to get a good seat in the dining room, but we were forced to eat in the kitchen. We were told back then the dining room was no place for kids. They should not wonder--they being the "adults" aka my Mom, my Aunt Sherry, my Grandma--why we "kids" now REFUSE to eat in the dining room. That room is for old people only!!!

Ava Grace and Emma Grace

Of course Ava came home with MANY MORE stuffed animals this year. Once again, she has more stuffed animals than Noah had on his ark--so ENOUGH STUFFED ANIMALS!! Ok, yea whatever, I know she LOVES ALL OF THEM!

He thinks I am posting this because he scored a perfect score and was so proud. Actually I am posting this picture because I want you all to see how it IS possible to make a Wii Mii look just like you. John's Mii is so him!!