Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here’s the deal:

One of my best friends quit her job at Parkland and started a new job. Why does this matter? Well, her old job had her sitting in traffic with me at 5pm. Her new job is working 3p-3a--no sitting in traffic for her. SO, I am taking applications for a new phone friend for my drive home. I warn you, I am not the most pleasant person to have a conversation with after a long day at work while sitting in Dallas traffic at rush hour. Qualified candidates must be able to tune out my moaning and groaning, must remember the names of all the employees I have that are on THE LIST, must be able to see through the phone and tell me to quit flipping off the idiot beside me, and also have the guts to tell me to pull over because I need a drink. ( Dt. Dr P of course!) Please know that if you do apply and are chosen for this horrible position, you will be saving the lives of many idiots in the DFW metroplex. Good for you.

And to Susan: Shame on you for not giving me a month notice. I am not finding an adequate replacement.

Answers to the test!

Answers to the test.

Question 1
Whose wedding did I cry at most?

My own

Becky and Doug

Randy and Bethany Correct!

Stacy and Jeremy

I cried like a blubbering idiot and my sister stood there laughing at me.

Question 2

Who did I call when I found out I was pregnant?




Stacy Correct!

I called Stacy and left a FRANTIC message telling her to call me back immediately, which she did, because she was afraid someone had just died. Sorry about that Stac.

Question 3
If I HAD to move out of state, where would I go?

New York Incorrect

New Mexico



If I HAD to move, I would HAVE to move to Oregon because John’s corporate office is in Portland.

Question 4
What household task do I hate the most?

Mopping Incorrect

Cleaning Toilets



My sister answered mopping because she said "in the 2 months I lived with you I never saw you mop." Actually, I did mop when she was here. BUT, she probably NEVER saw me do laundry, because I HATE laundry.

Question 5
What is my dream vacation?




Australia Correct!

So going to Australia on my 10 year anniversary; he just doesn’t know it yet.

Question 6
What program do I TIVO religiously?


House Hunters


The Backyardigans Incorrect

I watch House Hunters religiously. I have seen every episode since 2000.

Question 7
If I were to be on a reality show, which one would I choose?

Project Runway

Top Chef

Amazing Race Correct!

Big Brother

John and I would SO win this race. I would have to drive though; I can’t read a map to save my life.

Question 8
Which guilty pleasure does my husband give me the most grief about?

Overpriced car washes Incorrect


Sonic Happy Hour

My twice a month maid.

Sonic Happy Hour. Get over it. It’s 96 cents. And I have TONS of gift cards. :)

Question 9
I would love being a stay at home mom.


False Correct!

If I stayed home my kid would go mental faster than Britney Spears.

Question 10
How long have John and I been together?

5 years

10 years

12 years

15 years Correct!

We met in 1993, got married in 1999. So, dated 6..married 9. Yea for us!!

Cutest Bow Holders Ever!