Sunday, November 14, 2010


Why is it so hard to find the "want" to clean this house on the weekends. We start the week with a clean house, and let me tell you, by Friday this place is a pit. This weekend I just don't have it in me.

I'll let you know tomorrow if my house has maintained its pit status.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I stole this from Kate. Mine isn't nearly as entertaining, but here goes:

The Game of Tag about your MAN:

Who is your man? John

How long have you been together? 17 years I think, dated 6, married 11. Yep, 17..

How long did you date? 6 years.

How old is your man? 30 something....

Who eats more? WE both eat WAY more than our share.

Who said "I love you" first? No doubt he did. I'm not that naive..

Who is taller? He is. But I'm WAYYY cuter!! :)

Who sings better? neither

Who is smarter? He smarts anyways.

Whose temper is worse? Mine, I got this one nailed!

Who does the laundry? Me, unfortunately. Trust me, if I ever have a son, I WILL teach him to do laundry. His wife will thank me.

Who takes out the garbage? He does. But I tell him to. So I do my part in this task.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does.

Who pays the bills? I pay the bills with our money.

Who is better with the computer? HIM!

Who mows the lawn? Our lawn service.

Who cooks dinner? We both do, but John is more consistent.

Who drives when you are together? Usually him, but since I received my company car, I do a lot more of the driving.

Who pays when you go out? I usually get out the debit card for our JOINT account. So I guess we both do.

Who is most stubborn? He is pretty darn stubborn, but I give him a run for his money!

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? We are never wrong. We live in a house full of rights. (LOVE this Kate!)

Whose parents do you see the most? Probably mine since they come more often.

Who asked who out? He asked me out, of course.

Who proposed? He did.

Who wears the pants in the family? I do. Of course I do. But he would say "Whatever"..but that is because he is stubborn.


Easter was a perfect day for the Wahl household! We went to church, obviously, and then came home and RELAXED!! We stayed home this year, no traveling to Windthorst or Wichita Falls for us. Nope, we watched movies, ate hot dogs, and just hung out as a perfect little family. Here is Ava's Easter pic, dress courtesy of, yep, AVON!! Necklace, AVON!!

Easter Egg Hunt

I decided to get the C-Stone Cove street together for an egg hunt this year. There are so many great kids on the cove and I wanted to do something fun with them all without having to participate in the huge City egg hunt..yes, call me unsocial OR call me THAT mom who refuses to bring more City candy/crap into my house...if it was good candy I'd be all over a CIty egg hunt...

Ohh..I forgot..Ava did participate in the City egg hunt. My neighbors Kevin and Sherry took her with their kids.

Happy Anniversary!!

Yep, 11 years!! I know, right?!?! Who would have thought John would continue to put up with my nonsense, my spending, my attitude, my lack of laundry abilities.... ok, I know how to do laundry, I just choose NOT to do laundry. We spent our day at the soccer fields watching Ava run up and down the field yelling WHOO HOOO for no reason!!! Then we went to dinner at Texas Land and Cattle. The best part of the day was my DIAMOND EARRINGS!! Oh yeah baby! I'll post a pic so you can be jealous!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Good job Girl!

Tonight I was playing basketball on the wii and was trying to beat my high score. Ava was watching me. Every time I scored points, she jumped up and yelled, "Good Job, Girl!!!" She says the best things!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Alaska Cruise-Better Late than Never!!! Part 1

My family took an Alaskan Cruise for our big vacation this year. My parents, my sister Becky and her husband Doug, John, Ava and I were all in attendance. We left May 12th, and we were all SO EXCITED to get the trip going. It took about an hour for all of us to check in for our flight only to find out that the plane we were taking to Vancouver via Phoenix was have engine issues. We were informed of this while I was trying to check my family in, and after my parents and my sister had already checked their luggage...SO, we had to find a new flight because now our Phoenix flight was delayed which meant we would miss our connecting flight to Vancouver. We all finally got on an Alaskan Air flight to Seattle with connecting flight to Vancouver. We were assured that all the luggage from Airline 1 would be taken off plane number 1 and placed on our new Alaskan Air flight. Why do I tell you all of this?

(Ava's first flight ever to Seattle, Age 4. My first flight was to Seattle, Age 20)

Because my sister's suitcase with her wardrobe for the ENTIRE CRUISE did not get placed on the right flight. We find this out at 12:30am in Vancouver, when every airport in the Western Hemisphere is closed. We were told we would have to wait until later in the morning to try and locate her suitcase. My sister was in TEARS.
(Doug and Ava in Seattle. SHE LOVES THAT DOUG DOUG!!)

With nothing else to do til morning, we headed off to the hotel to catch some sleep. Later, around 8am, my sister contacted the airlines to see if the luggage showed up...only to be told they could not locate her luggage on the worldwide luggage finder. They took her number and told her they would contact her if anything came up. Well, the cruise left the docks at 5pm...things aren't looking so good.

We catch our bus to the cruise terminal at 11am, and then Becky calls the airlines again because she is, of course, frantic to have her luggage. Same story. So basically, the only clothes my sister has to wear are jeans, a t shirt, shoes, and whatever she has beneath those clothes. UH oh... The airlines tell her she has $25 a day (with a limit of I think $250) to spend until the luggage is found. What the heck can $25 a day buy you when you need clothes for 10 days? UGHH

SO, LUCKILY, the cruise terminal is located within a few blocks from what has to be Canada's most expensive shopping mall. Becky, Doug and I head off to get her clothes. We spot an American Eagle, so off she goes to spend about $300 for a few shirts, a hoodie--because HELLO, we are going to ALASKA--a pair of jeans..and I head off to find her some underwear. I spot a Sears and think, cheaper than VS right, so I go spend about $80 on those necessities. All the while I am thinking, why can't WalMart be next to the cruise terminal??

We finish shopping for clothes and head to the CVS type store to get her toiletries. While standing on the toothpaste aisle her phone rings--THEY FOUND HER LUGGAGE and was heading to the cruise terminal!! You should have seen her dance! If only they could have found it a few hours before we spent $400 dollars; we didn't have time to return any of it. We race to the cruise ship, because now it is 4:15 and decide the first thing we are doing when we check in is get a DRINK!!
BTW, Vancouver is BEAUTIFUL!!