Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ava's Birthday Party

Ava started planning her Backyardigans party almost a year ago. She knew she wanted a Backyardigans theme and she really wanted the party in HER back yard. I was nervous about her plans for two reasons. First, there were not any Backyardigans party supplies available until about 2 months ago. The first time I saw the supplies at Party City I scooped up all I could find for fear of never finding them again. I knew I was going to have a dilema with finding a Backyardigans cake as well, but Sams got the template for the cake design 2 weeks ago. So, the way I see it, GOD really wanted Ava to have this Backyardigans party as well. The second reason I was nervous about the party is because I am NOT the hostess type. I HATE having parties where I have to be the planner.

We themed the party a Backyard Splash Bash and rented 2 large waterslides for the event. We also set up a kiddie pool for the little kids who may not like the water slides. We had our 2 gazebos up for shade and tables and chairs rented to make people more comfortable. In the house we layed down our painting tarps on the carpet as protection because we KNEW people would have to use the bathroom. That was John's idea and thank GOD he thought of it, or my carpet would be trashed.

Ava and her friends had tons of fun on the slides. They played and played. Then they ate and played more. A lot of the parents had a hard time getting their child off the slides when it was time to go.

After all the kids left we opened presents. Ava made out pretty well. I tried to put most of the toys away for a later date but that did not go over well. As soon as I got in the shower Ava had Becky take down some toys. Her favorite toy from the party I think is the barbie car or the Little People airplane. The least favorite is the barbie storage container I told Becky to buy.

I'm not really sure what Ava and Grandma are looking at, but it sure is a funny picture!!

I think the party was a success. When I counted there were 24 kids (not counting the newborn of course!!) and about 29 adults. Good times!


On Thursday we went to the Backyardigans Live concert. The concert was really great and Ava had a blast. She wanted SO BAD to go on stage and play with the characters. At the end she really wanted to give them all a hug as well, but the characters never came out. She settled for her Tasha magic wand and the Backyardigans Live tshirt.

I would have gotten more pictures before the show but some jerk...err..stage manager made me put my camara away. Becky and I were the only ones told to put our camaras away. There were actually people walking right up to the stage taking pictures and he didn't say anything to them. Oh well.