Saturday, February 14, 2009

I think Valentines Day is stupid. I think some money hungry CEO at HallMark schemed up this whole idea just to get a bigger bonus.

If your marriage, relationship, whatever...needs Feb 14 to provide romance, then I think you might have a bigger issue.

That's just what I think.

This year, like the previous 16, I told John I wanted nothing. No flowers, no candy, no presents... I think he appreciates the fact that I think it is stupid, although he tries to act hurt and offended. But, honestly, I know if he REALLY was into Valentines Day like most people are, he would get me the flowers, candy...


He thinks it's stupid too! That's why we are so great together.

Happy Valentine's Day

Birthday parties OH MY!!

Ava has been invited to 8 birthday parties this month so far. And the month is not even half way over. We have two this weekend, 3 next weekend, and **sigh** who knows what else is being planned that I do not know about.

The thing is, all of these parties (except for 2) are parties for kids not even in her PK class. Ava is in PK1 and the other 6 of her 8 parties are for kids in PK2. I'm beginning to think that either Ava is REALLY popular, or the parents in PK2 have gotten together and talked and figured out that if she gets the invite Ava will come with present in hand.

And here's the other thing. If we for some reason can't make the party, we bring a gift to school before the day of the party. That's the guilt in me. I don't want some parent to think that Ava likes one kid and goes to that party but doesn't like their kid so she doesn't go to his/her party. The kid whose party we don't attend normally gets about $5 more on the gift tab, because of the GUILT I feel.

I think that in the book "What To Expect When Expecting"--the Later Years--they should include a chapter about birthday parties.

I'm just saying...

This is the "smile" you get when she's just not into pictures.

Monday, February 9, 2009

4th picture tag

I was tagged in a fun photo blog. I am to open the 4th folder in my photo directory and post my 4th photo in that directory. So, here is that picture.

This is a wonderful picture of my very dear friend Emily after a night of fun on the beach. We took a couples vacation with Emily and Daniel and had some very good times!! This picture was taken long before we had any parental responsibily.

I'm not so sure she will enjoy this particular picture posted, but you can still see how stunningly beautiful she is, even if she has a slight hangover.