Friday, December 5, 2008

Look, my kid is WAYYYY to cute to have a bad haircut.

I'm thinking I need to sue the JCPenney salon in Vista Ridge because every time I take her there she gets butchered.

No, I don't normally go there, but yesterday was one of those "hurry up and get your hair cut" moments. We were at the mall, I couldn't see Ava's eyes for her bangs, and I was in a rush. And we were already next to the salon because we just HAD TO HAVE a potty break when Momma is rushed.

(I know you can picture me rushing around yelling at my kid because she has to go the bathroom. I'm horrible sometimes.)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ava's favorite Christmas ornaments.

Typical baby's first Christmas ornament.

You thought I was joking about Chewbacca didn't you? Look at how she looks at this hideous thing. SHE LOVES IT.

Last year's ornament pick.

This year her pick was the Star Wars spaceship, but dammit, I put my foot down. I demanded that she get the new Barbie 2008 with the beautiful silver dress. I KNOW my husband instructed her to get the spaceship. I KNOW HE DID. But joke's on him...

Now Ava will always remember HallMark as the place Momma lost her mind and threw a fit over an ornament.

Making memories is what it's all about right?? :)

Ava loves that Katie.

Laura and I met up on Sunday so the girls could hang out. We went to this place in Flower Mound called Life's a Beach and can I tell you it SUCKED. But whatever, the kids had fun and Laura took Ava home with her for the afternoon so I could trek over to Arlington to see Stacy and Jeremy at the hospital. Anyways, here are some shots of two shy little girls that together make so much noise an Areosmith concert sounds peaceful.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We spent Thanksgiving at my sister's house. I was skeptical that she and Doug could pull off an entire dinner for 14 people, but they did an amazing job. I was impressed. The turkey was perfect.

As with any Thanksgiving, you plan to eat at a certain time, and for whatever reason you end up eating an hour and a half later than planned. Ava had no problem filling her time playing Mario Kart on the Wii.

After eating we decided to take a little walk around the neighborhood. Sometimes Ava gets really tired of having a camara in her face. So she runs...

I chase her til I get a good one!!!

Afterwards, one last picture with Grandma and Grandpa Berend. Try to tell me this kid isn't rotten.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Put a fork in me, I am done.

Yes, it's true. My last day in HELL was Black Friday. I left and never looked back. To be honest, I didn't say goodbye to anyone. I wasn't ready to say my goodbyes. It has taken me the last 4 days to (somewhat) come out of this state of depression I have been in over this whole tragic state of affairs. I know that sounds stupid, but whatever, judge me how you want.

I must return to clear my office and turn in my keys, but I will do that on Thursday. That is when I will finally say all of my goodbyes.

The new job starts Dec 8.

So to my peers: I apologize and understand why you are mad that I left and didn't call your stores to tell you Friday was my last day. I intended to call most of you this Thursday. All of my employees knew I would be in this week to finalize everything. I'm sorry they told you I was gone and I should have been a better friend/coworker. We all have the weight of the world on our shoulders right now, and I did not want any one person to think I was rubbing my opportunity in their face. I never meant to disregard any relationships I had built over the last 6 years.

We will all land on our feet.

I believe that.

Monday, December 1, 2008

GlamRbaby is giving away a Christmas bow on her blogsite. Go there and follow the instructions on the post entitled Christmas Spirit to enter. The website is

Here is the bow she is giving away.

I don't know why I entered the contest because Ava has this bow already. Hers is a little fuller than this one, but basically the same. Maybe if I win I will pass the bow to another cute Glamrbaby!

I get most of Ava's bows through Noelle because they are so cute and VERY well made.

Support GlamRbaby and tell Noelle I sent you!
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