Friday, March 21, 2008


If you haven't heard me talk about the FABULOUS Noelle with GlamRBaby, well, listen up! This lady makes the most beautiful clothing, bows and accessories for PRINCESSES!! Ava absolutely ADORES the bows we get from Noelle. Go visit her website at

Here are a few pics.

I took Ava to see "Horton hears a Who" this afternoon and she insisted on dressing up. She wore a brown and pink dress today that I got from Dillards and although the dress is cute, MANY people told me the bow made the outfit. Many people came up before the movie asking me where I got the bow. I actually had a couple of GlamRBAby's cards left over from Libby's benefit and I gave them out. On the way out of the theater another lady at the concession stand told me how beautiful Ava is (of course!!) and how she definately looked like a DIVA with that bow!! HAHA Ava took offense though and told her "I NOT A DIVA" and "that not nice." I almost peed my pants!! Priceless!!
Here is a late post of the snow we got a couple of weeks ago. We had about 4 inches.

We made a pathetic snowman, called "Princess Snowman." We tried to make a regular snowman, but someone lacked patience. You can guess who that was...