Monday, August 18, 2008

I am so sad.

I feel an incredible saddness over what has happened in Scotland. I did not know the woman who had her life taken, but I have on overwhelming sense of grief for her and her family. I do not want to begin to imagine how her family feels, but I do pray they feel the love I send to them. I have grieved all weekend for this woman. I don't think I have ever grieved so intensely for someone with whom I had no relations with. I pray that her family, with the help of friends and surrounding communities, can push past this devestating tragedy and live a blessed life.

A few months ago I was in Windthorst for a benefit. I remember getting out of the car with my husband and this van slowly drove by watching us. That man kind of gave me the creeps. Usually I can recognize the people who are driving past and watching us. Having people stare at us is something I have become accustomed to when I go home. I think everyone in Windthorst knows when a strange vehicle is in town. It might be that we are the only vehicle in the parking lot that does not have a Windthorst/Trojan/Trojanette decal. Anyways, I could tell that this van/man did not belong at the benefit. I told John to go back to the car and get my purse and camara because I didn't feel safe leaving them in the car unattended. (Usually I leave my purse in the car in Windthorst, at church, at my parents, whatever. That day in March was the first time I ever felt creepy on the beloved church hill. John noticed the van parked by the grotto when he went outside to get my stuff. He came back in and I told my dad I had a weird feeling. My dad went outside and looked for the van but it was gone. I dont know what he would have done had he found the van, but he went out looking for it. Maybe it was coincedense, but I think that man was out and about to search cars.

Point of my story, I guess the bubble of protection in the Windthorst/Scotland area has been burst. I've been gone from the area a long time, but I know how strong the sense of community is there still. I hope we all do our part and take care of this family who has been dealt such a devestating blow.

I'm not going to open the bag of politics, but I also hope this man is tried in Archer County. I hope the judicial system learns that any person who has to be registered as a sex offender does not have the right to be walking our streets and hurting innocent lives.

God Bless Mindy Daffern.