Monday, July 7, 2008


Over the last few months one of the best selling products in LNT has been the ped egg. It's this egg shaped grater for your feet. It is gross. I made fun of EVERY SINGLE PERSON who bought this item, including employees. (Get over it. I make fun of lots of guests!! And employees!!) The pictures on the packaging for the ped egg is disgusting. It shows a woman disposing of SO much dead foot skin. It actually looks like she is posing with a bowl of parmasean cheese. NASTY...

Well, today I become an official team member of GO PED EGG!! This thing is awesome. Disgusting, but awesome. The egg retails for 9.99 and is a great investment for the summertime--especially since it will cut down the pedicures to maybe once a month--if that!!

So, if you want fabulous looking feet/heels, get the ped egg. Since I am now a proud owner of Ped Egg I promise not to make fun of you. I cannot, however, promise to not make fun of you for some other reason!!

PS. Ped Egg is sold everywhere, but i prefer the ones sold at LNT.

Let's play catch up.

It has been a long time since I blogged about anything. Sorry about that. We have had a busy summer so far, and July and August are definately more hectic than any other months this year.

Work has been unusually stressful, although I have been blessed to not be working in a closing store. Only 5 stores are closing in the metroplex, but I have some very close friends in the Galleria, North Park, and East Plano. It saddens me the most to see the Galleria close. I worked there for some time, and it is our flagship store. I don't think I will even make the trip out there to see the store in its final days. To me, that is like watching the Titanic sink all over again. (Jenn, I would love to hear your thoughts on this!)

We have some home projects going on that are driving me nuts. We moved Ava into the bigger guest room. We have repainted and redecorated the room to suit her little personality. It is very girly, very pretty, and ALMOST complete. I will post some pictures soon of her room. We are now moving the guest room into Ava's old room, which will need to be completed by July 25th, when John's mom comes home from NY. That room just needs to be repainted and then I will clean the carpet. We are also in the beginning stages of relandscaping our front yard. I HATE yard work, so I want something low maintenance, but low maintenance seems to translate into not so pretty. I may have to have my grandma come teach me how to have a green thumb. Ughh..dreading it already.

Speaking of John's mom, she is in NY again for her annual summer trip. This trip is exciting because Richard and Carmen (John's aunt and uncle) are having a movie filmed in their house. The movie stars Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke, and a famous woman, I just forgot who she is. Richard and Carmen live in Brooklyn and are getting PAID (I mean PAID) to have this movie shot in their home. I wish we would have gone up there for a week to watch, but, alas, we must work.

Randy and Bethany are preparing to have my new nephew in a couple of weeks, (hopefully not on July 22 or July 29!!!)and I am praying Bethany has a safe delivery. She has been on bedrest since around 13 weeks, and let me tell you, she is handling this situation WAY better than I ever could. I am super excited for them to finally complete their family, and Kenslie is going to be a great sister!

Becky and Doug are in the sheetrock stage of their new house. I am excited to be the appointed "interior designer" on this project! Yea for me! They will only be about 5 minutes away from me. Can you say free babysitter!! I can!!

BTW--Save the date for August 2nd, which is Ava's backyard splash bash to celebrate her 4th birthday. We have 2 waterslides coming; one for toddlers and one for the "big" kids. Invitations are going out Wednesday in snail mail.

That's all for now. Please keep Randy and Bethany, Sam and Christy, Kevin and Jennifer, and Robert and Nora in your thoughts and prayers. They will all have new additions to their families this month!


One of my favorite places to buy Ava's clothes--mainly dresses-- is having a great summer sale. I just stocked up on 6 summer dresses for next year for incredible prices. If you haven't checked out yet, go there now!! Cute stuff!! You can thank me later!