Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just a note, I have never been labeled a good photographer...
I am on vacation this week. John had to do an emergency run to Houston for a few days to fix a system, so Ava and I are left behind to find fun things to do. Today we went to the Dallas World Aquarium to see "the fishies"!! Please notice that Hippo was a third party in our adventure.

Ava enjoyed the large aquarium that held sea turtles, a boluga whale, and other fish.

Ava couldn't understand why all the other kids were so scared of the sharks. She wasn't scared at all. She would have stayed in that tunnel all day long.

Ava's favorite exhibit had to be the penguins. We met the famous "Happy Feet!"

And, if you can believe it, we also met Happy Feet's parents.

Here is Ava glued to the penguin exhibit.

We had a great day at the aquarium. I wonder what adventure we can explore tomorrow!