Thursday, January 24, 2008

Childhood Memories

Childhood memories

I read something in the WF paper today that made me sad. They are closing the Piccadilly Cafeteria in the mall. Why does that make me sad? Well, I have many a childhood memory tied to that restaurant. For so many years I would go to Wichita with grandma and Mary. Those were the best Saturdays of my life. We would go shopping at the downtown Sears, then eat at Piccadilly and end the day with grocery shopping at United--the United on Jacksboro highway that closed to build the newer one next door.

Going to Wichita with Grandma was WAY better than going with my Mom. Going with Mom meant that my brothers were going to. UGGHH!! Grandma ALWAYS bought me something special at Sears. She always let me have the coconut pie at Piccadilly (she would get the chocolate pie and we would share pies), and she always got a bag of those little caramel squares at United for me to take home to my brothers.

My grandma had to quit taking me to Wichita after a few years because she never took the other grandchildren--just me. Seems there was a little family bitterness...wait..yes there is.

Closing that restaurant is kind of like trying to steal those precious memories. I'll have to go to Windthorst before next Friday and take my Grandma to lunch. My treat this time. I can already taste the coconut pie...