Thursday, September 25, 2008

Random blog.

Growing up my parents had a hidious avacodo green electric can opener. This can opener was so incredibly ugly that I was embarrassed to have anyone see it. Whenever our babysitter (or anyone for that matter) came over, I would hide the thing in the back of the cabinet. This can opener lasted until I was a senior in high school. So, we had this can opener for at least 17 years. When that can opener finally died my dad bought one of those crappy metal manual can openers. I think they still use it.

My grandma has a white electric can opener that has that fake wood panel on it, made by Black and Decker. She still uses that same can opener from when I was probably 5 years old.

When I was registering for my wedding, I wanted to register for an electric can opener, but John didn't want one. Didn't matter anyway, because on the night of my wedding one of my great aunts walked up to me and INFORMED me that I didn't register for an electric can opener and she got one for me. I was so excited.

That can opener lasted me about a year. Since then I have gone through 4 more electric can openers. I threw the latest victim away last night. (So, 5 can openers in 9.5 years of marriage.) I am preparing to buy another can opener tomorrow. This time I am bypassing the Black and Decker/Hamilton Beach brands and going for the Cuisenart for the stupid price of $49.99. At least I get a discount.

This is KARMA. If only I hadn't despised that avacodo green can opener. If only I had proudly showcased the thing on the counter for all to see.

I would give anything for an old avacodo green can opener that would last me 17 years.