Sunday, May 18, 2008

The way my daughter thinks.

I had to work all weekend. Yesterday I went in at noon. Here is our conversation.

Me: Bye Ava. I love you.

Ava: You go to work? I want to go with you?

Me: No, you stay home with Daddy and go shopping.

Ava: I want you to stay home with me.

Me: I have to work so Ava can have pretty things.

Ava: You buy me presents? Ok..go to work. I see my present when you come home.

Every time I called her on Saturday, all she asked about was her presents.

On Sunday I was getting ready for work and Ava came into the room and asked where her present was. Since I hadn't bought a present I told her she would get a present when I came home that afternoon--IF her room was clean.

John and Ava came by at work and Ava was determined to get me to go home with her. Since I still had work to do I couldnt leave, so she left very sad. When I came home tonight this is the conversation we had.

Ava: Momma, you tired? You work hard?

Me: Yes, I'm tired.

Ava: Momma, you not buy Ava present? (I shook my head no.) You buy Momma present? ( I shook my head no.) Momma, you buy you a present. You tired. Ok momma? I not want present. You want present.

Me: You want me to buy Momma a present?

Ava. Yes. That's ok. Nana will buy me a present anyway.

At least she wanted me to have something!